Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Culture of Switzerland

Switzerland has its own unique cultural traditions, which are a mixture of the cultures of Germany, Italy and France. The combination of cultural, linguistic, culinary, musical and literary influences from these three nations has led to the creation of a Swiss culture that is a synthesis of elements. Creative artists and designers such as the sculptor Alberto Giacometti and the architect Le Corbusier are from Switzerland. Albert Einstein worked at the Swiss patent office while independently developing his Theory of Relativity.

Switzerland Local Government: Switzerland is characterized by its democratic life. The Swiss villages or cantons manage the affairs of each village and region. Town hall meetings and local elections are held where decisions are taken about a range of local issues including education, taxation, town planning and healthcare.

Festivals in Switzerland: The Swiss people are known for their warm heartedness and love of life. They celebrate many festivals in Switzerland with great gusto and tourists are welcome to join in while traveling in Switzerland. Many towns and villages have a feast day in honor of a local saint. There are also harvest festivals to celebrate the gathering of seasonal crops including fruit and wine. These secular festivals are a celebration of the bounty of the Swiss countryside. Christmas is a grand celebration in Switzerland when young and old celebrate this festival of brotherhood. Swiss wrestling or Schwingen tournaments are also the focus of local festivals. Specialized events such as the Locarno Film Festival and the Montreux Jazz Festival are important events in the cultural life of Switzerland and attract filmmakers and actors from around the world. You can enjoy participating in the festivals of Switzerland on tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Switzerland Museums

Switzerland Museums and Libraries: The Swiss people have a love for learning which is reflected in their fine institutions including some of the world’s most renowned museums and libraries. The United Nations headquarters in Geneva, the Swiss National Library in Berne, the National Museum in Zurich and museums of fine art have extensive collections of books and works of art that are a cultural treasure. Works of the great masters of western oil painting are exhibited in museums across Switzerland. Swiss painters such as Henry Fuseli and Paul Klee have achieved international recogition. Many of the monasteries and castles in Switzerland also have historically valuable collections of artifacts and are open to the public. You can view the artistic and historical attractions of Switzerland on tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

Swiss Literature: Some Swiss writers have achieved international fame with their work. One of the most popular of these is Johanna Spyri whose children’s classic Heidi describing the life of a young girl who lives on the Alpine slopes, is an evergreen children’s favorite. Other Swiss writers who are internationally known include Hermann Hesse, Friedrich Durrenmatt and Max Frisch.

Swiss Music: Switzerland has a long musical tradition. Folk music including yodeling continues to be a popular musical style. Instruments such as the Alpenhorn are played by musicians even today. Switzerland hosts many music festivals annually including the Montreux Jazz Festival. The Opera House in Zurich is a grand auditorium where the world’s best opera singers perform. Switzerland Flexi Tours, Hospitality and Cuisine of Switzerland

Swiss Cuisine:

Switzerland is known for Swiss chocolates, Swiss Cheese and many local specialties, including Fondue, a dish made of melted cheese. Baking is a traditional Swiss occupation and Swiss Bread including rolls, pastry and strudel are popular food items. Apple cider, wines, and various meat dishes including sausages and pies are made in Switzerland, which is known for its delicious cuisine. Ovaltine, a chocolate-based drink is also a favorite in Switzerland. Enjoy tasting the mouth-watering confections of Switzerland on tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

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